design ACHILLE and PIER GIACOMO CASTIGLIONI. As is proved by the precious historical material found in the archives of Fondazione Achille Castiglioni, in the Castiglioni brothers’ original 1958 design of the Taccia table lamp, the iconic bowl reflector wasn’t made of glass but transparent plastic. This idea was discarded though because the heat emitted by the incandescent light source deformed the plastic material. The prototype was then developed and produced by Flos in 1962, with its famous big blown glass bowl.

Thanks to the use of a cutting-edge LED light source, with very high efficiency and color rendering index, but reduced heat emission, Flos has finally been able to edit a new version of Taccia with a transparent plastic diffuser that is accurately faithful to the original concept. The most advanced injection moulding technologies have helped to achieve a perfect bowl shape, maintaining a uniform surface both inside and out. In addition, the use of laser cutting techniques with unparalleled performance mean that the injection point is now invisible. The transparency and brilliancy of the methacrylate are also guaranteed to last forever thanks to the special properties of the material used, which does not degrade under the effects of UV rays.

The end result of this ‘recovered’ version of Taccia is amazing in terms of its quality and beauty. It will be available alongside the existing Taccia LED, featuring the classic glass bowl. Compared to the previous LED model, this version will offer consumers a more favorable price, in addition to the possibility of dimming the light intensity.


Since 2016, the traditional table lamp providing reflected light is also available in a small version. Perfectly faithful to the classic 1962 model, with a glass reflector, but with reduced dimensions and new colour choices, Taccia Small is conceived for any kind of setting and table dimensions.

source: press release

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