Nairobi Design Week

We believe Afrikan designers should be at the forefront of solving problems in Afrika. Throughout the year we connect, curate and create Afrikan design in order to strengthen the industry.

Dátum:2019 Március 18. , Hétfő


Our mission is to highlight the importance of all design disciplines and their impact on economic, social, cultural and environmental development. By sharing, collaborating and learning together with our community, we are creating business, employment, and education opportunities in design.

Nairobi Design Week is an annual festival that celebrates this spirit and these partnerships, through a series of events and projects.

Topics: Design Thinking, Public Space Design, Service Design, Industrial Design, Design for Social Impact, Sustainable Design, Interior Design, Furniture Design, Architecture, Fashion Design, Web Design, Communication Design, Installations, Exhibitions, Design Careers, Heritage, Resource, Community.