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Kiállító művészek: Fan Wu, Glázer Attila és Nico Forero.

Kiállító művészek:
Fan Wu, Glázer Attila és Nico Forero

Kurátor: Léa Lascaud

Kiállításmegnyitó: 2016. június 16. 19 órától  

Helyszín: cARTs, Lónyai utca 31.

2016.06.17 – 07.16.

Mirrors An exhibition by Fan Wu, Attila Glazer and Nico Forero Curated by Léa Lascaud Opening reception: June 16, 2016 from 7-­9pm 2016.06.17 – 07.16.

Budapest ­cARTc space and project for contemporary art is pleased to present Mirrors an exhibition by Taiwanese artist Fan Wu, Hungarian artist Attila Glazer and Columbian artist Nicolás Forero Parra. The exhibition comprises a video, photographs and illustrations and focuses on the theme of the marks on the body and how we are defined by them. Mirrors is an encounter between three different countries, three different cultures.

Moles, scars and bellybuttons are elements of the body shared by all of us, therefore they make us similar but never identical, no matter where we come from. One tends to forget about them and most of the time, people don’t even notice them. Yet, those marks constitute our identity. They are not specific to a community, they are universal but always different. One detail, one small special feature might be invisible in the eyes of others but it constitutes the uniqueness and the humanity of the individual and it allows him or her to differentiate from the crowd. Freud evokes this phenomenon through the concept of “Narcissism of small differences”.

Besides, the skin keeps all the signs of our past and shows the evolution of the individual. The marks it bears can have various origins such as the consequence of a childhood disease or an accident, a punch, a conflict or a ritual. From this perspective, through their work the artists of Mirrors show that those marks constitute a map of ourselves. They are permanent representations of our past as the skin carries the buried marks and wounds of our family, of accidents, of our present and of our destiny. When paying close attention to them, one can actually retrace the life of someone.

Mirrors praises diversity and, through the artworks and through their own reflection thanks to mirrors installed in the exhibition, visitors are invited to confront their intimate view of their body with a social view which corresponds to an external reality. A reality where there are rules and where physical differences can trigger some discriminations and feelings of hostility. Mirrors somehow reveals what is hidden behind ordinary perceptions and shows a version of the genuine essence of the being. 

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